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How-to Videos

How to Navigate a Boat
Basic Boating Safety Tips
Safety tips for boating with kids
Tips for Boat Handling
Tips for Navigation
How to Boat Green
Docking Your Boat
How to Anchor a Boat
Where to Find Family Boating Trips
100 Boating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Basic Boat Handling Skills
Inland Navigation

What Items do I Need on my Boat
Life Jacket Requirements

What do I Need to go Fishing

Basic Maintenance
Preventing Mussels and Invasive Species

Wakeboard Instruction: Front Flip
Wakeboard Instruction: Tripping a Tantrum

Buying a Boat
Avid Boater
Good Run
Dogs Need Weekends Too
It’s Time for That Boat

The Boater Exam
Boat Terminology
Additional Terminology
Types of Engines
Boat Capacities
Navigation Lights
Pre Departure Checklist
Check Local Weather Conditions
Personal Flotation Devices
Launching a Boat
Boat Handling
Docking and Mooring
Retrieving a Boat
Towed Watersports
When and How to Sound Off
Operation in Darkness
Hunting and Fishing
Safe Loading Guidelines
Running Aground
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguisher Classifications
Fire Emergency
Collision Avoidance
Surviving Cold Water
Boat Preventative Maintenance

Discover Boating
Get Involved With Boating
NMMA Certification
Why Buy from a Certified Dealer
What Boat is Right for Me
Buying New or Used
How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Boat
Costs of Ownership
Boat Insurance
License to Operate a Boat
Boating Courses
What’s New in Design and Technology
Water Ski Boats